1. detract, degrade, censure, reproach, make disreputable, bring into disfavor, injure or impair the credit or reputation of, tear down; disparage, decry, demean, deprecate, deflate, devaluate, depreciate, belittle; defame, slur, asperse, malign, calumniate, libel, slander, traduce, denigrate, sully, smear, blacken, stain, tarnish, taint, smirch, besmirch, smudge; humiliate, humble, mortify.
2. disprove, invalidate, refute, undermine credibility, destroy belief in, shake one's faith; lampoon, mock, ridicule.
3. disbelieve, deny, misbelieve, refuse credence to, give no credit to, Inf. give no ear to; challenge, dispute, raise objections; doubt, question, distrust, mistrust, place no confidence in, put no faith in; hesitate, waiver, have one's doubts.
4. disbelief, unbelief, incredulity, loss of belief, loss of credence; disproval, invalidation, refutation; doubt, doubtfulness, skepticism, question, dubiety, dubiousness, dubiosity, suspicion, distrust, mistrust; lack of confidence, uncertainty, hesitation, indecision; qualm, scruple, compunction.
5. disrepute, disfavor, obloquy, disesteem, loss of face; detraction, derogation, degradation, devaluation, depreciation; shame, disgrace, dishonor, scandal, reproach, ignominy, infamy, odium, opprobrium, baseness, debasement, vitiation, turpitude, ill-repute; humiliation, humble pie, mortification.
6. aspersion, slur, imputation, slander, reflection, denigration, defamation, smear, smirch, blot, stain, taint, attaint, tarnish, spot, blemish, smudge, brand, stigma; lampoon, mockery, squib, pasquinade.

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